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Increasing demand for fuel and stringent environmental legislation for transportation fuels has caused Refiners are facing a lot of challenges. PETROTAT provides high quality adsorbent for contaminants removal such as sulfur and chlorine to fuel specification meets standards.

Purification & Emission treatment is very important in refineries. Crude oil always includes some impurities like Sulfur, Chloride & Halogen. Then it should be removed before the feed will be leaded into the catalytic units, the impurities normally are poisonous to cause problems such as losing activity of the catalyst which may be very expensive like the precious metal catalyst. Also, for environmental consideration, that pollution like Sulfur will cause big problems for atmosphere and human health.

PETROTAT is a leading supplier of Zinc Oxide Catalyst, Ferric Oxide Catalyst and Chloride Removal Adsorbent.

Sulfur Guard Adsorbents

Removal of Sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon feedstock is one of the most essential criteria for further processing of these hydrocarbons. We offer the EZ-series adsorbents for these Sulfur removal applications.

Chloride & Halogen Removal Adsorbents

The presence of chloride in refinery streams typically comes from the crude oil and the catalytic reforming unit. In common, the form is inorganic chloride but sometimes certain crude oil does contain species of organic chlorides cannot be removed in the desalter easily. The most common source of chloride comes from the catalytic reforming unit which is injected with chloride on to the catalyst for optimal conversion and selectivity. The effects of chloride in downstream operations can cause corrosion of the steel equipment like pipes and pressure drop problems. We offer the DCL-series adsorbents for these Chloride removal applications.

Products & Solutions:

EZ-2 & EZ-4 wide temperature range zinc oxide desulfurizer is a novel,efficiency fine desulfurizer which is made by new formulation and improved technology. They  can be used in a wide temperature range from 0℃ to 400 ℃.

  • Desulfurization Accuracy: ≤20ppb (v/v)
  • EZ-2 Sulfur Capacity @(0 to 400 ℃): 10%~28% (wt)
  • EZ-4 Sulfur Capacity @(0 to 400 ℃): 15%~40% (wt)

DCL-6250 & DCL-2250 are cost effective chloride removal due to the high capacity, which minimizes change, out frequency and leads to long operating life.

  • DCL-6250: Removal of trace levels of hydrogen chloride by chemical reaction from refinery liquid streams at temperatures ranging from ambient to 220°C (450°F).


  • DCL-2250: Removal of trace levels of hydrogen chloride by chemical reaction from refinery gas streams at temperatures ranging from ambient to 220°C (450°F).

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