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As a green renewable fuel, ethanol has a considerable competitive power in the future clean energy market.

We supply 3A-EDG Molecular Sieve for Deep Dehydration of Ethanol.

The fermentation production process of ethanol has been widely used, but the ethanol produced by this method has a fundamental defect of high moisture content. The concentration of ethanol had to be increased by distillation which is limited to 95.6%. The ethanol is far from meeting the purity requirements of fuel ethanol.

PSA process based on molecular sieve adsorbent solves the problem of high-purity ethanol production which is unable in the distillation process. The ethanol concentration after dehydration can reach more than 99.5%, which perfectly satisfies the demand for high purity of fuel ethanol. As the core of this process, molecular sieve materials with superior performance allows more time-saving, energy-saving, and production cost saving.

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3A-EDG adsorbent is especially developed for PSA process with strong selective absorption capacity, low reactivity and excellent hydrothermal stability. The 3A-EDG can maintain adsorption capacity and resume normal production quickly after device encounters interference.

We supply 3A-EDG Molecular Sieve for Deep Dehydration of Ethanol.

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