Giving Your Process Every Advantages!

At PETROTAT, we understand what your process needs to perform their best performance. That’s why our professional sales and technical teams delivers exactly what you need.

As one of the largest suppliers of Adsorbents, Petrotat has more than 10 years of experience in supplying of high-performance products. To meet the demanding needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of adsorbents and catalysts.

Our sales engineers and technical service team support you in selecting the right product grade and designing the right process for each application.

Customers are the heart of our business. Everyday we strive to help our customers become more successful. The very nature of our business lends itself to the creation and maintenance of customer relationships built on a foundation of trust and knowledge.

Compressed Air Drying

CNG Drying

LPG Sweetening

Petrochemical Industry

Oil Refineries

Natural Gas Treatment

Medical Oxygen

Air Separation

PSA Nitrogen Units

CO2 Drying

Automobile Industries

Ethanol Dehydration

MTO Units

Water Treatment