When it comes to high quality and high-performance materials, PETROTAT defines the path for industries. Using our established knowledge of Adsorption science, we provide solutions to your challenges.

Who we are?

For over 10 years Petrotat has proven its competence in the field of Catalysts, Adsorbents and Adsorption technology. Based on that experiences in combination with the outstanding expertise of our engineers we are able to deliver our customers innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

Stable quality and professional technique service are our sign which wins all of our consumers’ reputation. To ensure our consumers’ product setup to stably and efficiently work, PETROTAT helps to consumer to select right product and we also could help customers for design the process.

Base on the idea” Technology-based trade, Quality-based survival” PETROTAT supply the highest quality of products and technical support.

Also, we believe that nurturing talent is one of the keys to ensuring sustainable development of the fundamental business. Petrotat provides excellent opportunities for personal development and success. Our team is committed to making our lives better by creating responsible, honest and diligent business.

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  • Ethics and Values
  • Personal Development
  • Social Responsibility
Ethics and Values

-    We comply with laws, rules and regulations.

-    We conduct our business with honesty and accountability.

-    We respect self and others.

-    We are committed to being a socially responsible citizen.      

Personal Development

-    Our employees are responsible for their own learning to achieve personal growth.

-    Our managers are responsible for providing candid feedback to employees regarding performance, business and development opportunities, and providing support to employees with a broader perspective.

-    Our team provides excellent opportunities for individuals to express their talent, enrich themselves and fulfill their career goals.

Social Responsibility

Public Responsibility

Assume responsibility actively Serve society effectively

Employee Responsibility

Protect employee rights Promote employee development

Environmental Responsibility

Reduce energy consumption