KALIMATI Activated Carbon is Your Reliable Choice for Saving Water and Amine Treatment

NEERSORB™, VILAYACARB™ and VAYUSORB™ series are a high-quality and versatile Activated Carbon from KALIMATI Company. The primary advantages are Amazing effects. Unique performance.

PETROTAT is your leading Activated Carbon supplier with full portfolio of Coconut-Shell and Bituminous Coal based activated carbon for amine treatment, compressed air purification condensate polishing units (CPU), DM plant and waste & drinking water treatment.

Activated Carbon is a porous material that removes organic compounds from liquids and gases by a process known as “adsorption.” In adsorption, organic molecules contained in a liquid or gas are attracted and bound to the surface of the pores of the activated carbon as the liquid or gas is passed through.

In recent years, the use of activated carbon processes has become widely established in drinking water treatment, groundwater rehabilitation and the treatment of service water. Likewise, activated carbon is being used to an increasing extent in waste water treatment, whether it be in the systematic treatment of individual effluent streams (e.g. in the chemicals industry), in the removal of substances toxic to bacteria in biological waste water treatment or in tertiary waste water treatment, where effluent restrictions are particularly severe. Yet another application for activated carbon is found in the treatment of landfill seepage.

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In 2021, PETROTAT and KALIMATI Company signed partnership agreement in order to develop high quality activated carbons in Iran for water treatment application.

KALIMATI is most leading Indian Activated Carbon Manufacturer with three manufacturing sites with countless references around the world.Today we develop KALIMATI activated carbon series included Coconut Shell Based, Wood Based, Bituminous Coal Based in all standard sizes.

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