Pure H2 by PETROTAT – high quality adsorbents for PSA hydrogen units

PSA’s installed in H2 plants make a separation between H2 and all other impurities, in order to arrive at a product purity of 99.9% H2.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) has proved to be an effective and economic way for hydrogen recovery. Nowadays, the capacity of PSA system with multi-bed ranges from a few hundred Nm3/h to large scale plants with more than 400,000 Nm3/h. The hydrogen purity can reach up to 99.9999%.

PSA technology produces high purity hydrogen from syngas and off-gas streams using specialized adsorbents with selective affinity for particular gas species to remove multiple and varied contaminants at ambient temperature. Optimal performance is achieved by simulating the adsorption and regeneration cycles, and by tailoring the mix of adsorbents to each customer’s process.

Binder free 5A Molecular Sieve and Activated Carbon are key adsorbents to remove feed gas impurities such as CO, N2 and CH4. There are four main groups of users for a hydrogen purification system:

  1. Steam Reforming (Hydrogen Plants)
  2. Hydrocracker and Hydrotreater Catalytic Reforming Net Gas
  3. Purge Gases
  4. Hydrocracker Flash Gas

Products & Solutions:

5A Molecular sieve has an effective pore opening of 5 Angstrom that is the calcium form of the A type structure. It’s commonly uses for purification of hydrogen by PSA.

  • Low Pressure Drop
  • High Surface Area
  • Long Lifetime
  • High Adsorption Capacity
  • High Crushing Strength

Petrotat activated alumina is a smooth sphere of activated alumina produced by  unique manufacturing process. Activated Alumina is an excellent desiccant for drying a wide variety of liquids and gases. Although all molecules are adsorbed to some extent on activated alumina, those molecules having the highest polarity are preferentially adsorbed. Stream conditions such as pressure, concentration and molecular weight of the molecules, temperature and site competing molecules affect the efficiency of adsorption. Low Pressure Drop

  • High Surface Area
  • Long Lifetime
  • High Water Adsorption Capacity
  • Deep Drying
  • High Crushing Strength
  • Low Abrasion Loss

Pellet activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected low-ash hard coals. It’s suitable for hydrogen extraction from gases containing hydrogen (steam reformer, catalytic reformer, ethylene plant effluent) by means of PSA technology (pressure swing adsorption)

  • High adsorption capacity
  • Superior carbon dioxide desorption
  • Excellent kinetics

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