Vendor Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering in the PETROTAT database of suppliers. The registrations instructions apply to all vendors wishing to respond to solicitations issued by the PETROTAT. To be considered for registration, it is important that potential vendors provide correct information. The following application form is required in the English language. Please download and fill it out. 

Each application form will be evaluated by the Procurement Unit on the basis of experience, financial soundness and relevance of the goods or services. Interested applicants may wish to provide a set of catalogues or specifications relating to its products or services. Please forward the certified application with supporting documents to and registration form to:

Submission of a completed application package does not mean that you will be automatically included in the database. Registration will depend on the result of the evaluation of your application. Inclusion of your company in the database does not mean that it will be included in all supplier solicitations, it only means that your company, if included in the database, will be given equal consideration in the process of supplier selection.

We thank you for your interest in being a supplier to the PETROTAT and look forward to receiving your application soon.