Natural gas conditioning is a Vital Component

Natural gas is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and often contains impurities like CO2 and nitrogen. Natural gas can also be saturated with water. At PETROTAT, we realize that natural gas needs to be treated to remove the water, impurities and higher hydrocarbons. This will avoid hydrate and ice formation, as well as corrosion in the pipeline.

PETROTAT provides TSORB® series adsorbents for natural gas purification which can remove water, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), COS, CO2 and mercury intensively, so as to provide customers with dry and clean natural gas and protect natural gas pipeline equipment.

TSORB® developed a wide range of molecular sieves and alumina silica gels to address the diversity of issues encountered in drying natural gas, depending on the sales gas specifications and transmission pipeline specifications.

In order to remove the water and contaminants in the natural process efficiently, our adsorbents combine the following features across a wide range of operating conditions.

In view of the specific requirements of natural gas, our experienced engineers will provide high value-added services including product selection, technology proposal and troubleshooting.

Products & Solutions:

Natural gas is produced in very wet conditions and must be dried to meet customer requirements. PETROTAT has supply TSORB® US-04 to address the diversity of issues encountered in drying natural gas, depending on the sales gas specification and transmission pipeline specification.

  • TSORB® US-04: A specially formulated dehydration adsorbent that resists particle break-up due to regeneration reflux or excessive liquid carry over.

Sour gas fields, due to their high content of H2S, CO2 and other sulfur compounds, are difficult to treat with conventional molecular sieves, which are destroyed by the acidity of the field. PETROTAT has supply UW-04 adsorbent to address this issue. UW-04 adsorbent provides excellent longevity compared to 3A and 4A, which do not perform well under thermal regeneration with acid gas due to their degradation. An additional benefit of UW-04 adsorbent is its COS minimization properties.

  • TSORB® UW-04: Dehydration of high acid gas content (CO2 and H2S) natural gas and natural gas condensate streams

Almost all hydrocarbons contain mercury. In the case of natural gas and liquid natural gas it is likely to be present as elemental mercury whilst in crude oil it may alsobe present as oregano-metallic and ionic mercury. Concentration levels vary from 10 to 5000 micrograms per normal cubic meter. Our adsorbents can successfully remove mercury to 0.1 ppb that ensure your equipment in a safe and continuous operation state.

  • TSORB® Hg-NS: Non-regenerable adsorbent for removing mercury from natural gas streams.


  • TSORB® MR-582: Regenerable adsorbent for removing both water and mercury simultaneously in dehydrators.

Raw natural gas streams contaminated with sulfur compounds is becoming more common to the natural gas industry.  Commercial and environmental pressures are setting increasingly tight limits on the levels of sulfur compounds allowed in gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons used for fuel and transportation. PETROTAT TSORB® SR-35 can effectively reduce the generation of COS and selectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbonyl sulfide, mercaptans (RSH) in the gas. It can make the gas at a very low sulfur levels of <1 ppm for each sulfur compound.

  • TSORB® SR-35: High-performance adsorbent to remove water, low levels of H2S and COS from light hydrocarbons.

We will help you choose the right adsorbent for both water and CO2 removal in natural gas plants and ensure water and CO2 outlet concentrations are less than 1 ppm.

  • TSORB® CR-50: High-capacity adsorbent for dehydration and CO2 removal in LNG plants. When the CO2 level is too high,it need to be removed to meet product specification and avoid formation of solid CO2 which can cause clogging of pipes in cryogenic equipment.

Besides water, natural gas streams also carry hydrocarbons mostly that have the tendency to condense, depending on the operating conditions. Together with the product gas, a two-phase flow will be formed, which not only causes malfunctions to the pipeline system, but also leads to fouling and plugging of major equipment.

Our hydrocarbons grade silica gel has a high adsorption capacity for both water and heavy hydrocarbons, with preference for the more polar adsorbates which makes water and heavier hydrocarbons pick up firstly.

  • Sorbead H: Flexible, reliable and robust technology to reduce the hydrocarbon and water dew point of natural gas effective in the recovery of higher hydrocarbons during regeneration.


  • Sorbead WS: 100% water-resistant, high-capacity, porous silica gel high resistance against hydrothermal aging protects other adsorbents such as molecular sieves in LNG applications.

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