Complete Solutions for Natural Gas Treatment

Natural gas is one of the safest, most environmental, economic and versatile of all energy sources in the world.

Raw natural gas is a complex mixture of hydrocarbon and often contains impurities like water and acid gas components such as CO2, H2O, Hg, H2S and other sulfur compounds in varying concentrations, depending on the source.

We realize that raw gas needs to be treated to meet the required market standards and also recover its by-products like C2-C4 component as chemical raw materials to produce ethylene, propylene and so on.

PETROTAT provides several products of like molecular sieves and alumina-silica gels for natural gas conditioning and activated carbon for amine and water treatment which has been successfully used in natural gas purification.

Natural Gas Conditioning

TSORB® Adsorbents for:

  • Natural Gas Dehydration
  • Sweetening
  • Mercury Removal
  • CO2 Removal
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery

Amine Treatment

Water Treatment

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