SRU Claus Catalysts

 When the right reaction matters . . . Trust BASF Claus Catalysts

BASF has the most extensive line of Claus catalysts in the industry. In addition to non-promoted and promoted activated alumina, we offer two titania catalysts along with an alumina/ titania composite catalyst. Two types of bed supports, both active and inert, are available with diameters ranging from 0.125" to 2.0".

Features of the BASF line of SRU Claus Catalysts are: 

  • Most comprehensive product line available from one provider
  • Maximum H2S, COS and CS2 conversion efficiency
  • Optimal catalyst for every stream and condition
  • High activity
  • High crush strength and chemical purity
  • Excellent global technical support and service
Activated Alumina Catalysts Promoted Alumina Catalysts Titania Catalysts Alumina/Titania Composite Catalysts Bed Supports
  • DD-431
  • S-100
  • S-400
  • DD-831
  • S-100 SR
  • Ti-1100e
  • SRC-99 Ti
  • DD-931
  • SRU specific
  • C-167
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