Metal Oxide Adsorbents

A versatile group of products for removal, by selective chemical reactions, of a wide range of contaminants including arsine, phosphine, reactive sulfur compounds, free oxygen, hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) and trace acetylenes and dienes. PuriStar line of adsorbents:

  • R3–12 for propylene
  • R3–16 for ethylene
  • R3–17 for CO removal from liquid hydrocarbons
  • R3–11G for O2 removal
  • R3–81 and R8–21 for FCC offgas
  • R9–12 for H2 containing streams

Other metal oxide adsorbents:

  • D-1275 and D-1280 for sulfur removal
  • E-315 for arsine removal
  • Prosorb for humidity removal
  • Siliperl for paper coating
  • Deoxo catalysts for oxygen and hydrogen removal

Combinations of PuriStar, Selexsorb and other BASF adsorbents can provide complete engineered solutions to purification/contaminant issues for may petrochemical processes including polyethylene, polypropylene, cumene, Ethyl Benzene/Styrene Monomer (EB/SM) and many others.


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